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Supporting families through positive births and healthy beginnings

Dedicated to promoting high quality maternity care, we offer childbirth preparation, birth and postpartum doula support, lactation counseling, placenta encapsulation and several other services.

Collectively we have more than 20 years of experience and have helped hundreds of families in Connecticut and beyond give birth with confidence and succesfully navigate the transition to parenthood.  Contact us today to see if we are a good fit for your birth or first weeks at home with a new baby!

Be informed and supported for the birth of your baby. 


There are so many great reasons to hire a doula, no matter what type of birth you have.  For more information, check out Evidence Based Birth's popular article The Evidence for Doulas.  There are studies that show the benefits of having a doula's support during birth and we've got lots of happy clients who will tell you having a doula is a necessity!

Bring your new baby home with confidence and care.  


Planning to have a postpartum doula assist your family during the adjustmant to life with a new baby can get you off to the best start.  Whether you need a few hours per week, an in-home lactation visit, or a month of overnight assistance, our doulas will care for you so that you can care for your baby!

L to R: Marie, Colleen, Jordana, Jennifer, and Stefanie

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* unmedicated birth * planned & unplanned Cesarean birth * birth with epidural * high risk mothers & babies * NICU * multiples * homebirth * midwives * OB groups * family practice doctors * LGBTQ families * adoption * surrogacy * breastfeeding * bottle feeding * breastmilk donation * lactation counseling * babywearing * cloth diapering * baby led weaning * overnight doula care * birth photography * Hypnobirthing * Birthing from Within * hospital birth * birth centers * sexual trauma history * homebirth transfers * single parents * spiritual families * IVF * stillbirth * miscarriage * abortion support * birth art * placenta encapsulation * new mom groups * newborn care classes * first aid/CPR * waterbirth * inductions * sibling care * 

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