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About our collective

The Connecticut Doula Collective was born from the vision of six Connecticut-based doulas who came together to support each other and share resources, knowledge, expertise, and back-up services as a means to better support clients and their families. While each doula practices individually, they come together in their passion for supporting women’s choices and the integrity of their birthing and family experiences, as well as the core values and professional standards they abide to. Together they hold a collective philosophy:


“As doulas we believe that birth matters and every person who desires it, should have compassionate and competent support throughout their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum time. We seek to share evidence-based information, tools and resources, so that parents can make the best choices that work for them and their bodies. We honor these decisions and believe that people have the right to experience empowering, safe, and healthy births and family beginnings.”

Our mission

Promoting the doula profession as part of a holistic model of maternity care in the state of Connecticut, by supporting women and their families, nurturing collaborative relationships with maternity care providers, and educating the community about doula care.

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