What we offer

Birth Doula Support/Postpartum Doula Support/Public Speaking/Birth Photography/Lactation Counseling/Placenta Encapsulation/Childbirth Preparation/Newborn Classes/New Mom Groups

The doulas of Connecticut Doula Collective offer a wide variety of services to expecting families.  We also have an extensive resource list of local services that may not be offered by us but are relevant for pregnancy and new parenthood.  Please feel free to call or email us for more information about the following services or other community resources you are seeking.

Birth Doula Support

A birth doula strives to support you in having a positive birth experience – from helping you manage the surges of an unmedicated birth to helping you decide when you’re ready for pain relief to navigating the waters of the unknown if unplanned procedures or complications should arise. Studies have shown that women and families that birth with a doula have more positive outcomes.  In addition to reductions in medical interventions, women report an overall more positive birth experience, a decrease in postpartum depression, an increase in bonding, and a smoother transition into parenthood.


We work with you during your pregnancy to understand what is important to you and then support you and your partner through your birth journey. We strive to set a tone of calm and peace and provide emotional and physical support as you welcome your baby into the world. We also provide informational support to help you understand what options you have, what some of the risks and benefits are, and what questions you feel will help you determine a choice that is best for you and your family.


It’s also important to us that your partner feels supported. It’s their birth too, and we in no way want to do anything that diminishes that for them. In fact, we strive to make sure they feel confident in their support of you and will often take care of logistical things (food, phone calls, etc) so that they don’t need to leave your side.

Postpartum Doula Support

As postpartum doulas, we provide physical, emotional, and informational support to new mothers and their babies during the postpartum period – beginning as soon as immediately after birth and, many times, may continue until baby is several months old. We not only provide support to mama and her baby, but to partners and any other adults in the household, grandparents, siblings, and even pets. This intimate relationship may include services such as: assisting mama in her recovery from birth, assistance with breast and/or bottle feeding, information relating to care of the newborn, helping siblings with their adjustment to the newest member of the family, light household tasks, snack and meal preparation, and even pet care. We provide support during daytime hours, overnights, and on weekends. Assignments are tailored to meet the needs of each particular family – no two are alike!  

Childbirth Preparation

Also known as childbirth education classes, the courses we provide are designed to give expecting parents a solid understanding of what to expect of their upcoming childbirth experience, as well as about the choices they may need or want to make in order to feel prepared for their upcoming journey. Topics we cover include: the physiology and stages of labor and birth, the emotional journey involved with labor and birth, standard maternity care procedures in hospital and out-of-hospital birth settings, routine newborn procedures, labor comfort measures and pain management options, partner and doula support roles and techniques, signs of preterm labor, possible complications and potential interventions that may be proposed before or during labor, informed consent and refusal processes, birth plans, the rights of childbearing women and their families.

Our instructors have been professionally trained through Birthing from Within, International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA), and Childbirth International (CBI) to help expecting parents prepare for childbirth. Courses are tailored to fit the needs and schedules of the client and include a total of 12 hours of instruction. They can be delivered in the privacy of your home or ours. Small group classes (2-5 expecting mothers plus their support person) may also be taught and a third larger location can be arranged by the Connecticut Doula Collective. If interested in possibly arranging a childbirth preparation series, contact us at ctdoulas@gmail.com or 1-860-365-2760.

Birth Photography

Birth photography is incredibly special because it captures the first moments in baby's life outside the womb. Having quality photos to tell the story of the family's birth experience and meeting their new baby is something that parents will treasure for years to come. Birth photography can be added on to some doula packages or as a stand alone service.

Newborn Classes

Newborn care classes are provided in the privacy of your home or ours and are designed to give new parents, and any other adults who may be providing assistance to the family, an overview of what life will be like for the first several weeks after arriving home with your baby. Topics we cover include: new mom’s recovery from birth, breast and/or bottle feeding, reading your infant’s hunger and sleep cues, sponge and tub bathing, normal newborn sleep patterns, and infant soothing techniques. Classes run for 1-2 hours, and some include a 1 hour home consultation after your baby arrives, while others include basic infant CPR. If interested in possibly arranging a newborn care class, please contact us.

Lactation Counseling

Lactation counselors (CLC) are members of the health care team who can provide information about and assistance with optimal breastfeeding. CLCs are dedicated to the promotion, protection, and support of breastfeeding in their work to prevent and solve breastfeeding problems. As lactation counselors we provide classes, in-home visits, and breastfeeding support groups to families in CT.

Public Speaking

We are available for public speaking engagements and media interviews. We welcome opportunities to facilitate interactive learning experiences about maternal and child health from a public health perspective, reproductive health justice, maternity care systems, doula support, childbirth preparation, infant feeding, newborn care, and girls’ empowerment through the arts. Contact us at ctdoulas@gmail.com to discuss potential opportunities.  

New Mom Groups

New Beginnings is a moms group created specifically for new mothers to help them build lasting community and support.  Weekly facilitated group meetings are discussion based and held in a comfortable, mom and baby friendly atmosphere. We will discuss practical issues like sleep, diapering, digestive discomfort, nursing, etc. as well as deeper issues like sharing parenting responsibilities, intimacy, and maintaining personal and couple identity. Of course we will share our birth or adoption stories. Information regarding local resources that can enhance your experience, such as classes with babies, childcare options, and postpartum exercise opportunities will be provided.

Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta encapsulation is the process of turning the mother's placenta into pills for her to ingest after the birth of her baby.  It is believed to aid in balancing hormone levels, decrease bleeding, boost milk production, and relieve the symptoms of postpartum depression.  The encapsulation specialist prepares the pills in your home over the course of 2 days.  A tincture can also be prepared from a piece of the placenta to be taken after the pills are used up or saved for later PMS symptoms and menopause.